Studio M  offers the following:
Ballet- the technical foundation of all dance. It inspires grace, proper posture and body alignment, and gives the body a basic muscle memory, to ensure correct and fluid movement. This class is a must for students serious about dance training. Required for all lyrical/modern classes. Encouraged for all forms of dance.
Jazz- A fast paced class which contains any combination of the following…  warm-up technique, stretching, strength moves, and center-floor barre.  It contains traditional jazz elements, with hints of hip-hop moves, and sometimes lyrical jazz. Turns, jumps and leaps are a big part of technique across the floor. A traditional favorite…
Hip-Hop- originating from urban “street-style” dance, hip-hop has been a mainstay in the world of dance for over two decades. It is the main form of dance seen in today’s music videos, and performances.   It contains a warm-up, with abdominal work, and center-floor isolations.  The focus is on rhythm, and accents of beats in the music, and contains a mixture of  styles from the ever-changing trends of street dance, and elements of basic jazz.  A high-energy class!
Modern/Lyrical Jazz- this class has a combination of ballet and modern dance technique, combined with elements of jazz. The warm-up is based on Graham technique, as well as  the center and across the floor exercises. It is a slower paced, very physical class which expresses much emotion through movement, and requires a certain level of maturity,and ballet technique. For this reason, age is a factor, and generally, you must be eleven years of age to attend this class. This is the most abstract and creative of all subjects, as modern dance is the dance of interpretation, and really gives the students a creative outlet. The younger ones really look forward to taking this class!
Tap- tap dance has been around throughout the decades, ever-changing, and still a lot of fun! It contains the traditional barre, and center-floor warm-up based on Al Gilbert techniques. Tap teaches rhythm, coordination, and uses the feet to show tempo, and accents in the music.
Preschool-  this is for ages 3-5 . It is a great way to introduce dance to younger ones. The emphasis is on learning basic dance steps, skipping, and ballet positions, following instructions, and learning how to take a dance class. Performances are usually based on a song and dance routine. A great way to get them started…a fun group to teach!


"What ever we hope to do with ease, we must first learn to do with dilligence.”
- Samuel Johnson

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